Research Grants (CLOSED for 2018 Calendar Year)

Travel Grants (2017 rolling deadline – submission details)

Public Events Curatorial Grants (2017 rolling deadline – submission details)

Academic Year 2017-2018 Grant Awardees

Faculty Research Projects

Sora Han
Whither the “Badges and Incidents of Slavery?”: Reading the 13th Amendment Against its Critics

Jessica Millward
Broken Black Bodies: African American Women and Intimate Violence in the 19th century South

Leigh Raiford
Collecting, Cataloguing, Curating: The Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver Family Library

Stephen Small
Museum Exhibits in Denmark: Images and discourses of colonialism and imperialism in a peripheral colonial nation

Graduate Students Research Projects

Jennifer Blaylock
Spectacularly Mobile: A Transnational History of New Media in Ghana

Martin Boston
San Diego
The Role of Mobility and Popular Culture in U.S. and South African Anti-Racist Spatial Struggle, 1948-1994

Katherine Cosby
Afro-descendant Women’s Political Actions Early-Twentieth Century Brazil

Wade Dean
Los Angeles
Shoutin’ the People: Soul – Storying, Expressive Culture and the Black Public Sphere

Kiran Garcha
Santa Cruz
Bringing the Vanguard Home: The Role of Children, Home, and Family in the Black Panther Party

Kimberley McKinson
A Cosmology of Security: Crime, Discipline, and the (Re)making of Citizenship in Urban Jamaica

Amani Morrison
Domestic Architecture and Spatial Performance in Great Migration Chicago

Vineeta Singh
San Diego
From Hawai’i to Hampton: the Imbrication of Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism in American Higher Education

Academic Year 2016-2017 Grant Awardees

Faculty Research Projects

William Bridges IV
Playing in the Shadows: Fictions of Race and Blackness in Postwar Japanese Literature

Ashon Crawley
To Be Made an Instrument of Feeling: The Hammond B-3 and the Black Church

Rachel Jean-Baptiste
We Will Remain Métis: Miscegenation, MultiracialIdentity, and Citizenship in Twentieth Century Francophone Africa

Terrence Keel
Santa Barbara
Black Scientists in the Age of Eugenics

Roshanak Kheshti
San Diego
“We See With the Skin”:  Zora Neale Hurston’s Synesthetic Hermeneutics

Laurie Lambert
Surviving Empire: Postcolonial Revolution and Trauma in the Caribbean

Ellen Scott
Los Angeles
Cinema’s Peculiar Institution

Damien Sojoyner
Forced Migration: The Deleterious Impacts of Public Education and Incarceration upon Black Families in Los Angeles, CA

Graduate Student Research Projects

Hossein Ayazi
Future Farmers of America: The Agrarian Life of Race and U.S. Colonialism, 1928–Present

Kai Cheang
The Black Asia/ America: Radical Revolutions and Political Coalition in Afro-Asian Solidarities, 1936-Present

Sandra Harvey
Santa Cruz
Passing For Free, Passing For Sovereign

Genesis Lara
Re-Defining Freedom in the Dominican Republic

Laura Moore
Santa Barbara
Tracing the Roots of Black Consumer Activism, 1862-1915

Tara Pixley
San Diego
Making Pictures: Profession, Process & Race in the Documentary Image

Nicole Ramsey
Unpacking Blackness: Cultural Exchange and Identity Formations in Afro-Costa Rica

SA Smythe
Santa Cruz
Where Blackness Meets the Sea: Postcolonial Italian Borderscapes

Bianca Suarez
The Rise of Educational Consciousness: The Racial and Class Politics of Educational Disenfranchisement and the Detroit Public Schools, 1943-1977

Delio Vasquez
Santa Cruz
The Ideological Politics of Criminal Resistance

2015-2016 Grant Awardees

Faculty Research Projects

Bridget R. Cooks
UC Irvine
A Dream Deferred: The Art of the Civil Rights Movement and the Limits of Liberalism

Kelly Gates
UC San Diego
Erasing Black Bodies: The Absence of Data on Police Killings in the U.S.

Nigel Hatton
UC Merced
African-American Women’s Activism and Ending the Problem of Homicide

Ula Y. Taylor
UC Berkeley
Making a New Woman: Women and the Nation of Islam

Bryan Wagner
Elena Schneider
UC Berkeley
Vincent Brown (Harvard)
The 1795 Louisiana Slave Conspiracy (Digital Repository); The Story of BrasCoupé (Critical Edition); Maroons and World History (Essay Collection)

Graduate Student Research Projects

Jarvis R. Givens
UC Berkeley
Culture, Curriculum, and Consciousness: Resurrecting the Educational Praxis of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, 1875-1950

Sophia Sapp Moore
UC Davis
Another world is possible: Agroecological relations, peasant politics, and remaking rural development in central Haiti

Ana Karina de Morais
UC Santa Cruz
Postcards from Africa: Ethnological Cartographies of Empire

Mychal Matsemela-Ali Odom
UC San Diego
From Southern California to Southern Africa: African Liberation and Postwar California

Jas Riley
UC Riverside
A Drinking Gourd: The Katrina Lexicon and Liberation

Melissa Whitley
UC Los Angeles
Black Women Fighting Subprime Foreclosure:  The Gendered Anti-Blackness of Neoliberal Financialization in Baltimore

Anndretta Lyle Wilson
UC Los Angeles
My Soul: Labor, Pleasure, and Possession in Transnational Black Musical Performance